No Stress To Impress

Event planning seems like a dreadful load. It revolves around organizing the gathering of lots of different people together and keeping them all happy. That’s not a simple task! But it can be much simpler with some preparation, self-awareness, and firm decisions. That’s why wise planning is essential. You need to ask yourself the right questions such as, “What do I anticipate being a source of stress?” and “How do I plan to deal with it?” so that when the day of your event rolls around, you will feel incredibly relaxed.

So what exactly is it about an event that stresses people out? Well, hosts and hostesses want to impress the people! There are definitely those who take extra lengths to prove that they can keep up with the Joneses. Perhaps you are gearing for a more crowded and formal event (even once-in-a-lifetime) such as a wedding, gala, benefit, or fundraiser. On the other hand, you expect a much more intimate and casual gathering such as a dinner party, birthday, anniversary, holiday, office luncheon, backyard barbecue, or picnic. Either way, we want every last detail to be just right, as Goldilocks would say. That includes:

  • Setting or venue
  • Design
  • Temperature
  • Set-up
  • Rentals
  • Lighting
  • Duration
  • Quantity of guests
  • Photo documentation
  • Clean-up

With that in mind, here are a few points of advice to remember in the midst of your planning flurry:

  1. Perfection Is Overrated

The best way to enjoy the big day of your event is to alter your mindset. Do not even consider making “perfect” be your goal of success. Instead, be content with developing relationships which should always take priority over tasks.

Also, if you’re smart, you will have a plan B lined up for the things that matter more. And in the end, view those “mistakes” positively, as what will make your wedding unique and memorable.

  1. Bigger Is Not Always Better

If you don’t have the biggest budget, don’t pretend like you do! It doesn’t matter if others have bigger and better, because an event is not about comparison or competition. Rather, it’s about personalization. So prioritize the most important things that will bring the best out of that featured person or business and focus your budget there. Simplicity really is elegance.

  1. One Step Ahead

Having a to-do list for checking tasks off is just one of those essentials in life. And every event has loads of tasks to check off. From music and flowers to caterers, car hire and photographers, perhaps even hairdressers and makeup, you will be kept busy, one thing after another. If you want room to breathe, start your planning no less than 3 months prior to your event. Many venues can even be booked as much as 12 months in advance–so if you know exactly where your dream location is, book it asap. Leaving things until last minute is the worst thing you can do. Everyone says it and it’s true!

  1. Enjoy The Moment

When the event starts, get your head out of the details and into the moment. You want your event to be lovely and memorable for everyone who participates. However, your memories are the most important. Most “out of place” details will go completely unnoticed by your guests so don’t let yourself get hung up on it. If you can work it out beforehand, more power to you. But letting your mind be consumed with worry about the flower colors, guest placement, and food amount is exactly what you do not want to do. That’s where delegating “rock-star vendors” comes in handy because you can transfer those worries to them. Once that special day comes along, toss aside that to-do list and just soak up the moment.

  1. Keep Calm And Carry On

Even with the most amazing planning in the world, there will still be elements out of your control. In life, one has to expect the unexpected and roll with the punches. If you choose to have a realistic perspective, then you won’t panic and be frustrated over those unmanageable details like rainy weather, delivery of the wrong flowers, a dropped cake, or a sick bridesmaid. And the great thing about it, is you’ll always have a funny story for later.

Hopefully with these few tips, you will be well on your way to enjoying your event rather than just planning an event for others to enjoy.