Popular Wedding Cake Designs

Cutting a wedding cake is one of many traditions you will have to do on your wedding day. Ready? Here are some suggestions for your special day:

The Classic

 Classic Wedding Cake

This classic white cake with red sugar roses and dainty piping brings out the classy and elegant vibe for your wedding!

The Romantic

 Romantic Wedding Cake

Nothing is more romantic than roses. The lace cake with blooming red roses simply makes a statement about the eternality.

The Rustic

Rustic Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes with icing layered inside the cake and no frosting outside are going to dominate this spring. To make up for the lack of frosting, fillings and toppings become the highlights of the naked cakes. Simple, yet aesthetic. Get the naked, and see how it bring out the homey and cozy feel for a rustic wedding.

The Modern

Modern Wedding Cake

 Subtle and chic. A wedding cake with engagement pictures will surprise all your guests!

The Beach

Beach Wedding Cake

Dreaming of a wedding on the beach with soft sand, cool ocean breeze, and warm sunshine? This beachy wedding cake with buttercream shells and starfish makes a great fit for your wedding.

The Cupcake

Cupcake Style Wedding Cake

Easy to share! Cupcake wedding cakes are suitable for a relaxed and casual reception where everyone can just grab cupcake and share the fun.

The Avant Garde

Avant Garde Wedding Cake

Want something creative and unconventional? This half naked wedding cake is a piece of art that is hard to resist.