Planning Your Wedding in 2013

At Heirloom Catering, we want to be ready for the upcoming trends of 2013—especially for
weddings. Next spring / summer, a popular wedding trend is to go local. Luckily for us, we’ve
been on top of that trend since day one.

If you check out wedding blogs like, it’s obvious that people
don’t want the typical elegant cookie-cutter wedding anymore. They want a wedding that is
tailed for their unique style and location. Gone are the days of a set wedding agenda. No more
will you see great catering company’s offering one or two package deals. Wedding planners
don’t have a set checklist that everyone has to follow. Weddings can be whatever you want.

Unique weddings that focus on bringing out local charm are in, and at Heirloom Catering, unique
and local are what we’re all about. Whatever your dream wedding may be, we want to help make
become a reality for you.

We start with location. We use ingredients that are unique to the Utah and Salt Lake Valley.
Here, we’re known for having an amazing selection of juicy fruits and ripe vegetables. We use
local farmers for all ingredients whenever possible.

After playing off the location, decide on the specific menu. Heirloom customizes each menu to
be what you want. Pick foods that have more of a rustic charm for us to prepare, or select dishes
that are simple and beautiful.

Let Heirloom Catering take care of your wedding this upcoming year and help make food that is
as unique and inspiring as you.

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