We are a collection of caring individuals who work together each day to create meaningful experiences. We are here because we do not feel there are enough opportunities to make this happen. Our purpose, our goal, our reason for being is to change this. Meaningful experiences do not, in our opinion, just happen by accident. We do not believe it is unusual to have life changing experiences while breaking bread & we have made it our mission to see that it happens much more regularly.
We recognize that we are made up from our local communities and thus ultimately responsible to them. We take this seriously. We focus our time & energy on finding those who share our values and creating partnerships that are mutually beneficial. We feel that ours is not the job to change the bounty that our farmers & producers bring us but rather to highlight its inherent beauty. We do this by getting ourselves out of the way, treating food simply & letting it speak for itself.
We cook food. We take care of you.
We love what we do.