Let Heirloom Catering Help You Create A Life Changing Experience

I remember my wedding day. It was wonderful, magical, exhausting, all those things that everyone says about their wedding day. But do you know what people like to talk about even more than their wedding day? Planning for the wedding. More specifically, people LOVE to tell you how stressful and awful planning their wedding was. I mean, we had to go to place after place after place looking at venues, linens, flowers, dresses, suits, tables, photographers, and caterers. We spent months running wedding errands and working on wedding planning literally every day. “But the cake!” You say. “You got to eat so much cake! How can that be bad?” Well young, naive waif, I DIDN’T GET TO GO ON CAKE DAY! THANKS FOR RUBBING IT IN! Finally, when the big day comes, everything has to be perfect. If it’s not perfect, run for the hills.

You may think this is the part where I make a stupid joke about bridezillas and horrible mother-in-laws. Well, I’m sorry to inform you that you’re wrong. My wife and her mother were both amazingly understanding through the whole ordeal. The thing is, you’re all in it together. It’s not like I didn’t want a nice wedding. It’s not like my mother-in-law just wanted to ruin the day for my wife and me. We all wanted it to come together and be wonderful, but there are so many little things that can go wrong, and if any of them do everyone will be disappointed. You think the only person who feels awkward with an ugly wedding dress is the bride? Everyone has to look at her the whole time, and if the dress has huge pit stains, nobody will feel comfortable. If the cake is too dry, everyone will be angry. All those people who came to share your special day with you morph into monsters if their free dinner and cake don’t taste amazing.

Wedding Day Toast

“Oh you don’t have monkey butlers serving the Dom Pérignon? This wedding is so cheap.”

The point is, with all the planning and arguing and decision making, a big event like a wedding causes so much more stress than anybody who has not personally been involved in it can even imagine. You have to take every little victory you can get. One of those victories comes from finding a good caterer. Seriously, I cannot emphasize enough how important the food is. You need to get it done by experienced professionals who know how to make the day run smoothly and can deal with any issues that may arise without setting off a doomsday warning. Heirloom Catering has done weddings, galas, corporate events, parties, and so much more. We already have good working relationships with a number of venues. Our food is delicious, fresh, and gorgeous.



At Heirloom Catering, we operate under the philosophy that meaningful experiences don’t just happen. They are created. We are committed to helping create a life-changing experience on your big day for everyone involved. Let us take some of the stress off your big day and help you relax so you can concentrate on making it the best day of your life.