How to Avoid Utah Wedding Clichés—Food Edition

At any wedding, it’s easy to settle on cliché food. But food is one of the basic parts to a wedding that is fundamental to keeping guests happy. By booking with a catering company early, you save the hassle of trying to throw together a boring menu at the last minute. Her are three steps to avoiding last minute clichés:

Step 1: Say no to potatoes

Here in Utah, it’s pretty obvious that everyone loves their potatoes. And why shouldn’t they? Potatoes are a great staple food that kept people alive for thousands of years. And potatoes can be turned into anything: mash them up, bake the in cheese (funeral potatoes) or make them available at a bar. We’re not ragging on potatoes, but the one thing they can’t become is exciting. It doesn’t matter how many bacon bites, chives or drops of sour cream are added to a potato, it should never have a place as the main dish at your wedding.

Step 2: Avoid anything that jiggles

Jell-O salads, dessert salads, fruit-type salads…any time of salad that uses more artificial flavors that natural should be avoided. Like cheesy potatoes, Utahans love their Jell-O. Now, there is a time and a place for Jell-O, such as backyard BBQ’s and your nieces’ birthday party. Weddings are not the place to serve things that jiggle.

Step 3: If your lovely grandmother can’t eat it without making a mess, don’t serve it

On your wedding day, you’re not the only one that will be dressing up, taking pictures and meeting with people you haven’t seen in years. Your guests will be looking forward to these same things. Setting out a chocolate foundation for kids to stick their fingers in is neither romantic nor appetizing.

Instead, try a few elegant desserts from Heirloom Catering like chocolate truffles, mini fruit tartlets, chocolate truffles and more. They’re easy to east, clean and most importantly, they taste better than any dessert you’ve ever had.

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