Heirloom Catering in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City offers some of the finest performing arts, the grandest views, and the best skiing
available in the United States. It follows that Salt Lake City should also offer the most beautiful,
best tasting catering. Thanks to Heirloom Catering, Salt Lake City has that too.

At Heirloom Catering, we buy our produce and other ingredients locally whenever possible.
You can have the satisfaction of knowing your food was harvested and prepared within days. It
fresh, local, and delicious. Our effort to buy locally is not just based on a desire to create good
food, but also to build a stronger community. We know that as we work to support other local
businesses, we all become stronger.

Our hors d’oeuvres are made with the freshest cheeses and vegetables available. We buy our
meat locally, so we know exactly where it came from. The produce we put on the table was
freshly harvested right here in Utah. We offer a broad variety of menu items, and ever one
delivers Utah’s best local quality to your plate.

The philosophy behind our recipes is to highlight the most exciting flavors and textures of our
ingredients, not too hide them. When quality ingredients are the focus of your cooking, the
natural flavors will do all the talking. For catering in Salt Lake City, you can’t find a catering
company that provides a fresher, more beautiful experience.

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