To Feed Or Not To Feed? Why You Should Cater

Today is your big day. You’ve been planning this for months and it is finally showtime. Your guests are starting to file in and chat with each other. After a few minutes everyone in the room has a small plate, an array of food that they’ve picked out. People are eating, chatting, and laughing. Your event can officially be considered a success.

Business Party

Whether you are going to a wedding, a business luncheon, or some other event, secretly deep down inside you are always hoping that there will be food there. There is a reason that anytime that we hear the song “happy birthday” we think “free cake”. Money isn’t what makes the world go around; it’s food.

Birthday Cake

Having the right food for the right event is crucial for it to be a success. You wouldn’t want to serve ribs at a wedding dinner and ruin the bride’s dress with bbq sauce. Knowing your event, the people coming, and the food you want to serve is the key. A great event isn’t just a happy accident, there is a lot of planning that takes place before hand. At Heirloom Catering, we can help you through every step in the process.

Let Heirloom Catering help you cater your next event. We have experience with weddings, galas, benefits, fundraisers, corporate parties, birthday and anniversary parties, office lunches, and casual backyard events. You can worry about what you’re going to wear to the event, and we’ll worry about the food. At Heirloom Catering, we cook food, we take care of you, and we love what we do. We take our jobs seriously.

Party Catering

As your guests file out you’ll hear a common thread in all of the statements: “the food was delicious.” Now is the time to make your next event a memorable one.