Event Catering in Utah

If you are seeking a company that can successfully deliver quality event catering in Utah, Heirloom Catering is the right pick for you.

Heirloom Catering is all about preparing and serving delicious and gourmet meals. But more than just serving incredible food, Heirloom Catering’s overall goal is to provide memorable and meaningful experiences for you and your guests.

Some events that we have helped our guests make memorable include weddings, galas, birthday parties, fundraisers and benefits, holiday parties, office lunches, corporate gatherings, anniversary parties, and casual backyard gatherings.

When it comes to event catering in Utah, you want to choose a memorable venue. If you need help choosing a venue, we have several places that we normally use. Some of the venues we suggest include the Alpine Art Center, Bliss Night Club, and the Abravanel Hall. But, Heirloom Catering is very flexible and can cater your event anywhere you’d like and we promise to make it memorable.

As far as event catering food options go, we have many things to choose from. For morning events, we have options ranging from a la carte items to continental buffets to full-blown hearty breakfast buffets and brunches. For afternoon and evening catering events, we have everything from simple, yet delicious sack lunches to exquisite and ornate entrees. Our entrees include fresh trout and salmon with salsa verde or yellow thai curry, pork loins, rib eye with bordelaise or herb butter, plus dozens of other items. We even have bronze cut spaghetti with garlic and wild mushroom risotto.

If you are looking for a company who can deliver memorable, delicious, exciting and ornate event catering in Utah, Heirloom Catering is the prime choice. At Heirloom Catering we promise to deliver the best catered meal you will ever taste. Enjoy your guests and let us worry about the details.