Corporate Catering for a Christmas Party in 2012

Pizza Boy or The Finer Things Club?

Do you run your office parties like Michael Scott, head of the Scranton, Pennsylvania branch of Dunder Mifflin?  Scott lets an entire team (that comprises of half the office) dedicate their week to planning and hosting parties in celebration of the holidays, birthdays, The Dundies, Halloween, weddings and days of the week.

Bosses like Michael Scott have employees of average intelligence and average motivation. Boring weekly parties, in his opinion, are a great way to reward these types of employees. All these parties beg the question: if almost everyday is a party, do all office parties become less exciting and less awesome?

The answer to this question depends on your style of managing. Do you like feeding you employee’s mediocre pizza while the delivery boy is held hostage? If you answered yes, then keep doing what you’re doing. Your employees may not respect the way you run the office, but they love only working four hours a day.

Maybe this isn’t quite your style. Maybe you feel more connected to Pam, Oscar and Toby, and you would like your office to resemble the exclusivity of “The Finer Things Club.”

If you’re leaning toward “The Finer Things Club” option, your employees are going to look forward to company parties. Before you know it, December and snow will be here. This is a great time of year to throw an office holiday party.

Don’t disappoint your hungry employees with boring food and tasteless décor. Heirloom Catering creates inspiring food for company parties and corporate events around Utah County. Let them help you celebrate your employees and throw an office party they’ll never forget.

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