Christmas Party Catering

The work Christmas Party is something that is either looked forward to or dreaded for the entire year. No matter which situation you are in, Heirloom Catering can help. Make this year’s Christmas Party a memorable experience with fresh, quality, and local food from Heirloom Catering. Don’t let your Holiday Work Party be a dud!

Heirloom Catering is a locally owned and operated catering company in Utah. When possible, and it usually is, all of the ingredients are locally grown or purchased from farmers and gardens in Utah Valley. From the vegetables to the meat, you can be assured that your food is freshly prepared. This not only makes it taste better, but it supports the local community and the food retains its nutrients better because it does not have to be shipped across the country or sit in a warehouse for weeks. Most often, the produce used is picked that day so it goes straight from the ground and into your meal – after being washed, of course.

In addition to being a local company that uses fresh, local foods, Heirloom Catering offers an extensive variety of foods for your next event. From pizza to barbecue, to sandwiches, soups, and salads, Heirloom Catering has all that you need to throw the perfect holiday party. Breakfast catering is even an option, or simply go with an assortment of desserts. Whatever your choice, you will be satisfied with the quality and presentation of Heirloom Catering: a personal touch made from quality ingredients.

So this Holiday Season, look to Heirloom Catering for all of your Christmas Party and Holiday Catering needs. Your company, family, or group of friends will have an experience that they will remember until the next Christmas Party.

Call today to book your event and experience a taste of Utah Valley like you’ve never experienced before.