How to Avoid a Disaster at Your Event

Even with all of the meticulous planning that goes into putting on an event, there are a myriad of disasters that can still happen. Whether it be a wedding, party, work gathering, or family reunion, here are 4 tips to help you avoid a disaster at your special event.

1. Plan ahead for the weather.

If your event is outdoors, have a backup plan for moving it inside in the case of rain. You can also rent a big tent to protect your guests from getting wet. For a wedding, have umbrellas ready so you don’t ruin your hair or dress. Take some wedding pictures in the rain under your umbrellas and even add some cute rain boots for a touch of flair.

2. Plan for rowdy kids.

Whether you want them to or not, most kids will have a hard time being well-behaved throughout your whole event. To help them stay out of the way of the adults, give them their own table. Cover it with butcher paper and give them crayons to color with. You should also serve them kid-friendly meals such as chicken nuggets or mac ‘n’ cheese. If you’re still worried, have someone babysit them at or away from the event, or hire a clown or magician to entertain them. You can also have a movie playing somewhere to keep them calm and in one place.

3. Have a backup plan for entertainment.

Wedding Dance Line

Even though you may already have a contract, accidents can still happen. Make sure you have an iPod and speakers ready in case your entertainment doesn’t show up. Keep all vendor phone numbers handy in case you need to get in contact. Beforehand, get signed contracts and receipts from your vendors so you can prove that a contract was broken.

4. Leave it to the pros.

Make sure you hire a good staff that is friendly, hospitable, and has experience. Before the day of your event, keep in touch with important people such as your DJ, florist, cake designer, or caterers. This way they can stay up to date on what is happening and are sure to remember that your event is coming up. On the day of the event, leave it to the pros to handle the food and cake. Have them keep an eye on it so that the kids don’t get into it.

5. Have an emergency kit.

Although this is especially helpful for weddings, it can be helpful for other events too. Have an emergency kit ready that includes safety pins, bobby pins, makeup, deodorant, water, snacks, a needle and thread, a steamer, and other items that you might need throughout the day. In addition, talk to a dry cleaner beforehand to find out what items you may need in the case that your attire gets dirty or stained.

6. Make a checklist.

If you have a list of everything you need to do, it is less likely you’ll forget to do something that is important. Put things in order of when they need to be done so you can complete the most important tasks first. For example, you should make your reservations as early as possible so you don’t end up having to do it last minute. In addition, for a wedding you should have your last dress fitting as close to the wedding as possible so that it is sure to fit for the big day.

7. Enjoy the day.

Couple Leaving the Church Married

Don’t focus on every single little detail. Just relax and enjoy the day that you spent so much time planning. In the end, everything will turn out just fine.